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Nikon Coolpix S1

Nikon-Coolpix-S1Nikon's new Coolpix S1 is an ultra slim digital camera with a 5.1 megapixel CCD image sensor and 3x folded optics zoom lens. It has a 2.5 inch LCD monitor and a variety of features including the new Nikon Face Priority Auto Focus system, red eye removal (in camera) and D-Lighting (for in camera adjustments in difficult lighting).

The Nikon Coolpix S1 comes in three colors (black, silver and white) and should hit stores this April for a retail price os $380 (US).

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Nikon Coolpix S1 Reviews

<>Pocket Lint reviews the Nikon S1 and writes - 'Overall, a nicely designed, nicely engineered and nicely priced camera. It�s clear to see Nikon have been studying the compact market carefully before launching the S1 and the features developed have been well thought out. The balance of aesthetics and the practical photographical functions will attract audiences from both ends of the market and at �230 it may not be �stocking-filler� cheap but this would be an ideal �starter camera� thanks to the ease of operations, the �plug n� play� charge and share, and the framing assist modes.'

Lets go digital reviews the Nikon Coolpix S1 Digital Camera and writes - 'With the design of the Nikon Coolpix S1, Nikon entered the world of design again. The design is absolutely convincing and a real eye-catcher. And the emphasis on user friendliness and the user's convenience completes it. The Nikon Coolpix S1 is a suitable digital camera for those who want to take pictures in an easy way, and who want to take a camera with them everywhere. The high resolution images of 5 Megapixels ensure excellent prints and the innovative and efficient way of in-camera image editing adds to the impressive end result. I consider the Nikon Coolpix S1 as a successful digital camera that lies at the roots of a new line of Nikon digital cameras as far as I'm concerned!'

PC Mag reviews the Nikon Coolpix S1 and writes - 'In our daylight shot, we found little noise and good saturation and color matching, but we did notice some fringing. We also thought the image was underexposed, even though it had good contrast. In the flash image, the S1 didn't lose details in the highlights, though flash coverage could have been better. There was very little noise, excellent color matching, vibrant colors, and hardly any fringing. We found 1,275 average lines of resolution, which is a bit low for a 5MP camera. The S1 got respectable scores on our performance tests, though, with a 3-second boot-up time, a 2.8-second recycle time, and virtually no shutter lag.' review the Nikon Coolpix S1 and write - "Tiny size, image quality that's acceptable but not outstanding, and a lack of manual controls make the ultracompact Nikon Coolpix S1 a good choice for snapshot photographers who want a good selection of fun features but don't want to make many decisions on their own."

Megapixel reviews the Nikon Coolpix S1. They write - 'The Coolpix S1 is clearly designed to fit the needs of people who want a camera that is very portable and simple to operate. The S1 meets that need by providing a fully automatic shooting mode that is designed to handle every day subjects, and 16 scene modes that are preset to suit diverse, but still common, photographic subjects.

But, though these modes should be useful for many users, they are by their very nature limited by their pre-established and non-modifiable settings.'

Hardware secrets reviews the Nikon Coolpix S1 digital camera and writes - 'Picture-taking is where the Coolpix S1 truly shines. Following the Coolpix tradition, the photos are crisp and the colors, vivid. Pictures tend to get blurred very easily if the flash is out � there�s not much of a body in an ultra-compact digital camera to get a firm grip on. The flash has a working range of 0.3 - 2.5 m at wide-angle and 0.3 - 1.4 m at telephoto. As expected in a camera this size, no external flash can be attached to it. To avoid blurriness and over flashing we recommend using the Slow Synch Flash � it captures a good deal of background and doesn�t turn the people portrayed into ghosts of light. The camera is fully automated: the only manual control being for white balance.'

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Nikon Coolpix S1 News Release


Sophistication Made Simple through Exclusive Nikon Technology

Some digital cameras are very stylish. Others simply take great pictures. Those looking for the best of both worlds will enjoy the latest addition to Nikons award-winning line-up of Coolpix digital cameras. Nikon today introduced the new ultra-slim Coolpix S1 - a 5.1-megapixel camera featuring state-of-the-art technology like the exclusive new Face Priority AF (Auto Focus) feature, enhanced image quality and improved speed, within a smooth, compact design. Along with the lines first, bright 2.5-inch LCD screen, the -inch thin Coolpix S1 is perfect for the customer who values style and sophistication on par with traditional Nikon performance.

The new Coolpix S1 is a breakthrough for Nikon in terms of its advanced technology designed to take better pictures, easier than ever, said Bill Giordano, General Manager of Marketing for Nikon, Inc. The Coolpix S1 would be a perfect choice for digital photographers who want a sleek slim companion camera to capture memories whenever and wherever they happen.

Beautiful Pictures in Three Simple Steps!
With improved designs and exciting new exclusive technology, Nikon has narrowed the picture-taking process down to three simple steps turn on the camera, frame the shot and snap the picture. Its that simple!

Imagine a camera smart enough to find a face in a portrait shot. Nikons new Face-priority AF function can do just that when selected through the Portrait Scene Mode. As its name suggests, Face-priority AF ensures that faces remain in focus when shooting portraits by automatically sensing the presence of a human face within the frame and setting accurate focus accordingly. The result is a sharp portrait with the press of a button.

Beyond faces, the Nikon Coolpix S1 can also automatically detect and fix red-eye directly within the camera. The S1 boasts Nikons renowned In-Camera Red-Eye Fix technology, which detects and corrects red eyes in most typical situations without the need to press buttons or select and highlight the eyes in playback. Without the hassle of additional software, photographers will experience less red-eye photos yielding print-ready portraits.

The new Coolpix S1 also uses intelligent technology to help ensure a balanced exposure and sharpness. Nikons exclusive new D-Lighting function is another addition that can literally turn throwaway shots into frame-able memories. The D-Lighting feature can be selected in Playback mode automatically compensating for insufficient flash or excessive back lighting in order to obtain balanced exposure throughout the frame. The S1 is also equipped with Blur Warning, another feature unique to Nikon which alerts the user when a shot is compromised by camera or hand shake, allowing another shot to be taken before leaving the scene.

Nikon has engineered the new Coolpix S1 with more features that improve the image directly within the camera and streamline the process of receiving great prints using a favorite retailer, online service or home printer. Furthermore, with its incredible, bright 2.5-inch LCD screen, images are easier to review and share than on most consumer digital cameras.

To further address a common need among digital camera users, Nikon has also focused its technology to reducing power consumption, allowing the Coolpix S1 to take significantly more shots per battery charge, using the cameras rechargeable EN-EL8 lithium-ion battery.

To add speed to precision, the Coolpix S1 offers continuous shooting at 1.8 fps. The blazing speed even continues into the startup time, with the Coolpix S1 starting up in less than 2 seconds.

More Features in a Sleek, Compact Design

5.1 effective megapixels
3x Zoom-Nikkor ED Glass lens with a focal range equivalent to that of a 35-105mm lens in 35mm format
Compact dimensions of (W x H x D 3.5 x 2.3 x 0.8 inches)
Light weight of approx 4.2 oz. (without battery and memory card)
COOLSTATION MV-11 cradle included for easy downloading images and recharging the battery in the camera
AF-assist illuminator can be switched on and off
256-segment Matrix Metering with Center-weighted, Spot, or Spot AF metering
7 manual white balance settings and White Balance Bracketing
Direct printing with PictBridge compatibility
4 of the 17 Scene Modes offer Scene Assist (Portrait, Night Portrait, Sports, Landscape)
World Time function allows local time to be set easily anywhere
USB compatibility enables swift transfer of image data to computers
Voice memo function records up to 20 seconds of sound that can then be attached to an image
4x digital zoom capability
Choice of Single AF and Continuous AF
Options for playback: Single, 4- and 9-segment thumbnail, Slideshow, 10x magnification
Built-in Speedlight: features settings for Auto, Red-eye Reduction by pre-flash, Anytime flash, Flash cancel and Slow sync.

Like all the other models in Nikons popular Coolpix line, the Coolpix S1 makes shooting in a range of common situations even simpler through the incorporation of Scene Modes. This camera offers four Scene Modes that feature Scene Assist, and even a new Underwater Scene Mode and Voice Recording Mode that brings the total choice of Scene Modes up to 17. Intended for use with the Waterproof Case WP-CP5, the Underwater Scene Mode enables true-to-life colors to be captured when taking shots while snorkeling or scuba diving. Like all the other Scene Modes, operation is extremely easy. Simply select the Scene Mode that best matches the subject, then point and shoot for optimal results.

The Coolpix S1 also makes it easy to capture action in an expressive manner with the power to record VGA-size movies with sound at a smooth rate of 15 frames per second. The S1 can easily be connected to a TV, using the included video cable, to share the fun with friends and family.

With a redesigned graphic user interface (GUI), the S1 user can now navigate functions by either menu item list or the all new icon view and the all new Help function. Now the camera enables the total beginner to find the right mode at the right moment to achieve the best results, time after time. Its all part of Nikons dedicated effort to give users what they demand in a top quality digital camera.

The announcement of the Nikon Coolpix S1 digital camera is targeted toward making a great picture easy through the use of automatic in-camera features, from the compact design to the host of time-saving features. The PictBridge compatibility makes it possible to print directly to a printer, without the need for a computer. For those who enjoy organizing and sharing their photographs on a computer, all Nikon Coolpix cameras ship with Nikons proprietary PictureProject software, a user-friendly photo management software designed expressly for use by Nikon Coolpix photographers that offers a broad selection of cataloguing, editing and sharing functions. This software package is aimed at providing a central location that is simple, intuitive and seamless for Coolpix digital photographers.

The Coolpix S1 will be available at retail nationwide in April 2005 at an MSRP of $379.95. For more information about this and other Coolpix cameras, please visit

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